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Air vacuum excavation (pneumatic excavation) is the latest technology to take hydrovac capability to the next level.  This process still uses vacuum hoses and booms to remove the debris but uses pressurized air instead of water to accomplish the excavation. 

The dryvac excavation process is simple but the results are impressive.  Since the process utilizes air to break apart the soil, the removed material is dry and can be dumped easily wherever necessary for quick backfill of the excavation or nearby onsite for later removal with less expensive equipment.

Air-Vacuum Excavation Demonstration, Edmonton, Alberta - May 2016

Air Vacuum excavation means no water and no mess.

Not only is the removed material dry, the excavated hole is also completely dry and can be worked in safely without danger of slipping or mud contamination of exposed work areas. After the area is excavated and work is complete, the removed material can easily be deposited back into the excavation and tamped into place, removing the need for bringing in backfill and more equipment. 

The dry-vac unit excavates with air and can empty safely and cleanly on site. The cost to the customer is reduced since the unit does not require additional trucks to bring water or backfill and also does not need to leave site to offload with expensive disposal fees. 

When this unit arrives on a site to excavate, it excavates on site until the job is done - there is no waiting around by the crew for the unit to return from a remote disposal site. 

Airvac Excavation increases work site safety

Another benefit of utilizing air for the process means safer exposure for the underground utilities.  High pressure water can damage utilities if done incorrectly as opposed to using air at lower pressures which leave the utility completely unharmed. 

The added bonus is the non-conductive capacity of air versus water which means safer daylighting and safer work environment. The cost savings and elimination of mess on the work site add up rapidly and keep adding up project after project to reduce our customers cost of safely excavating underground utilities.

This following list is some of the work that our airvac truck can do:

  • Buried utility location and exposure
  • Pile hole excavation
  • Slot trenching
  • Culvert, ditch,and manhole cleaning
  • Spill cleanup
  • Pipeline excavation
  • Daylighting

For more information on our Airvac Excavation services in Edmonton, please call us at 780-449-6295 or submit an online quote request with the appropriate details.

How does the Air-Vacuum Technology Work?


250 psi of air is forced through the nozzle into the ground to begin loosening the soil.


The forced air causes the soil to crumble, creating minor crevices.


The crevices begin to erode from the forced air compression. This leaves you with dry soil that is easily vacuumed into the unit.


As the utilities are exposed, the air stream hits its non-porous shielding, compresses and harmlessly flows around it.

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