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Riteway Vacuum Service is a federal carrier licensed to haul hazardous goods.  The equipment we operate is actively maintained to meet the high standards required for this licensing.  We safely and efficiently handle the removal, transportation, and disposal of numerous hazardous waste streams from industrial, commercial, and residential customers.  We offer a full range of services to take care of hazardous liquid and sludge waste streams so that customers can be certain that the wastes are cleaned up and disposed of in accordance with all requirements and regulations. 

Our operators are fully qualified to handle various waste streams, the equipment is certified and tested to be compliant with the government requirements, and the disposal facilities are fully qualified to handle all waste streams so that the customer is confident that their waste is handled and disposed of properly and within the requirements of the law.

Riteway Vacuum Service commonly handles the following types of wastes:

  • Corrosive Wastes
  • Waste Water
  • Flammables
  • Industrial Sludge
  • Carbon
  • Crude oil
  • Car wash mud
  • Sump waste

For more information on Hazardous Waste Removal, Waste Disposal and Waste Hauling services in Edmonton, please call us at 780-449-6295 or submit an online quote request with the appropriate details.

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