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Catch basins, sumps and wastewater interceptors are regular maintenance areas that Riteway maintains for our industrial and commercial businesses.  These can include car washes, garages, service shops, manufacturing facilities, and numerous other businesses that need to have sumps or catch basins cleaned out and disposed of.  We handle the waste without legal problems of improper dumping. 

Clearing Frozen Catch Basins and Drains 

We also provide our customers with steam cleaning and thawing services for frozen catch basins and sumps prior to the spring thaw.  Alberta winters are bitterly cold and last for months, and you need to be prepared when the spring melt arrives.  Our vacuum truck staff have the expertise and equipment to make this task quick and easy to minimize disruptions to your business and customers. 

Our combination units are capable of thawing and cleaning the sumps as well as high pressure jetting of any lines that may not be draining properly.

For more information on our Catch Basin and Sump Cleaning services in Edmonton, please call our office at 780-449-6295, or submit an online quote request with the details of the work site.

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