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While our people are the backbone of our waste removal company, the equipment we use also plays a very important role in our ability to deliver a wide range of environmental solutions. At Riteway Vacuum Service, we believe in having the right tools and equipment for the job and we ensure that our expert team is well trained to use the equipment with safety foremost in mind.

Our specialized waste disposal vacuum trucks are highly effective for:

We utilize fibreglass vacuum trucks, which are ideal for pumping, storing, and transporting chemicals with corrosive properties such as strong acids. The ability of the fibreglass tank to resist corrosion ensures that the transportation of corrosive materials and hazardous wastes is safe.

We also use standard vacuum trucks, which are the most efficient and cost-effective way to remove and transport liquid and semi-solid waste materials. Our vacuum trucks take care of waste removal and disposal (both hazardous and non-hazardous) from surface impoundments, tanks, and other vessels. These trucks are also frequently used in spill cleaning actions and for in-plant hauling or transfer of liquids and sludge.

The expertly trained and well-equipped team at Riteway Vacuum Service stands ready to help with your hazardous waste removal and disposal needs in Edmonton. Call 780-449-6295 to discuss your needs today or contact us online.

Fleet Description

Our hydrovac equipment and vacuum trucks include the following:

  • DOT tandem vacuum trucks
  • DOT tandem stainless vacuum trucks and stainless pup - for those larger jobs
  • DOT semi-trailer vacuum trucks 
  • DOT and non DOT hydrovac trucks
  • DOT semi-trailer fibreglass vacuum truck
  • DOT tri-axle vacuum pup trailers
  • DOT tri-axle combination units and equipped with vacuum and wash/steam capability
  • DOT semi-trailer tank trucks

We employ combination units that are fitted with water pumping systems for use in conjunction with vacuum capabilities. These units are ideal for cleaning lines such as storm drains, sanitary drains, lift stations, etc. They are also useful in the removal of contaminated soil surrounding underground utilities and contaminants resulting from spills and accidental releases from storm drains.

Contact us at 780-449-6295 to make an appointment for your waste disposal and hydrovac excavation needs in Edmonton.

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