Hydrovac excavation offers a safe and efficient method of exposing underground utilities and hazards

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What is hydro excavation? 

Hydrovac excavation, also commonly known as daylighting,  uses a high-pressure water stream to break apart soils which are vacuumed up into a vacuum unit. This process allows for safe excavation of soils around any given underground utility without causing damage. The resulting mud can be disposed of on-site or at a waste disposal facility. Hydrovac trucks can operate year-round since the high pressure water is capable of high temperature water as well as steam. The following is some of the many projects that can be done with a hydrovac excavator:

  • Buried utility location and exposure
  • Pile hole excavation
  • Slot trenching
  • Culvert, ditch,and manhole cleaning
  • Spill cleanup
  • Pipeline excavation
  • Daylighting

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